All jewelry are handmade, using the most precious metals as sterling silver 925 and 14 karat gold. All bracelets are available in different sizes, colors and with different options of chains. If you have a size in between the options, you can fill in the required size at the open field at the checkout. Here you can find the instructions to measure your size.

Armband cirkel
Armband cirkel from €30,00 €30,00
Armband twee cirkels
Armband twee cirkels from €30,00 €30,00
Armband drie cirkels
Armband drie cirkels from €35,00 €35,00
Armband letter dubbel
Armband letter dubbel from €35,00 €40,00
Armband Letter Rondje
Armband Letter Rondje from €35,00 €35,00
Armband Letter bedel
Armband Letter bedel from €35,00 €35,00
Armband naam / tekst plaatje
Armband naam / tekst plaatje from €40,00 €40,00
Armband open hart
Armband open hart €30,00 €30,00
Armband ster vorm
Armband ster vorm €30,00 €30,00